About us

We founded Fertilizer Packing Ltd. in 2014 and have been engaging in fertilizer packaging since 1 January 2017.

With our mobile BIGBAG packing machines, we are able to reach any site in Hungary within 48 hours. We use Mobile conveyor BIGBAG MS-UMT filling machines for packaging, thanks to which we can get to any location with our machines, enabling us to do the given packaging at the right place, time, quantity and quality.

We currently have two packing machines, the third machine will be arriving in November to increase our packaging capacity.
Packing machine data: 320 cm high, 250 wide, 8 m long, weighing approx. 8 tonnes.

Depending on the weather, we also pack directly from barges at docks with the help of our qualified experts and are capable of packing 1,000 tonnes per day. We pack at ISD Portolan Ltd. in Dunaújváros where road, railway, river and sea freight shipping, warehousing and dock services are available. We also engage in the following activities:

  • Packet goods loading, unloading
  • Minerals, coal, agricultural products loading, unloading
  • Weighing (electronic road weighbridge)
  • Warehousing, storage
  • Quality control, quality assurance
  • Property protection (24 security, surveillance system)
  • Annual capacity: 1,000,000 tones


The daily capacity of our employees working at sites 12 hours a day is 300 tonnes/packing machine in a conveyor system, 350 tonnes/packing machine in the case of packing machines. Based on the assessments we have conducted, we pack 500, 600, 700 kg BigBag sacks.
We are also prepared for special cases (such as sorting, sifting clotted fertilizer), which we are able to solve within the shortest possible space of time.

Bigbag sacks are ideal for temporarily storing or shipping a large quantity of dry products. By negotiating with our partners, we pack in our own bigbags or the ones they prefer and they may even choose the sacks we recommend, which we deliver to the site. In terms of packing, for us, Tisza Textile Ltd. offers the quality that is most reliable for warehousing and shipment by manufacturing durable sacks that conform to the latest packaging standards.

Sack parameters:

  • 1 block bottom big bag sack with handle
  • 1,250*1,770 mm, 95 g/m2
  • Filling weight: 600 kg, 5:1 safety factor
  • Block bottom: 625*625 mm
  • 1,270 mm filling height + 500 mm handle
  • White, unlabelled (except for safety information)
  • Safety label printed on the sack
  • Handle cover: white or green, 270 mm/65+25 g/m2


  • PE liner: bottleneck, suspended
  • 3-3 air holes
  • Transparent
  • 1,270*2,550 mm/70 microns
  • Bottleneck width: 550 mm
  • Bottleneck length: 650 mm
  • Not pre-blown


We place plastic quick release fasteners on sacks to ensure that the goods do not get wet.

Our annual capacity is currently 70-100,000 tonnes.
We plan to increase our annual packaging capacity, expand internationally and set up sites at docks along the Danube, as well as the Adriatic in the future.


  • We are contracted by RWA Raiffeisen Austria AG to package various types and quality of fertilizers in several regions in Hungary.
  • Sites where we pack: Baja ATI dock, Dunaújváros Portolan Ltd, Érsekcsanád Bread Wheat, Tolna Mözs Tolna Agro-chemistry Association, Szanda Granary Ltd., Anthera Ltd.
  • The following traders use/have used the fertilizer we packaged: RWA Raiffeisen Austria AG, KITE Ltd., Hőgyész Agro-chemistry, Anthera Ltd., Szanda Granary Ltd.